Tax is an interesting topic, where every part of your income is related to tax. If it’s personal or corporate, your income could be earned from salary, capital gains, investments, dividends, or interest received.

We at Outline Unicorn can help you the best with your tax needs (personal or corporate), especially if you have a bookkeeping package with us. We know your case better and can give you better prices.

We can lower, defer, or find you credits that are available to you based on your income and bracket situation. Also, we can help you in tax planning to minimize your taxes the most.

Some of the main tax activities we do are:

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Personal tax returns
  • GST/HST rebates
  • Preparation of T4s for payroll and T5s dividends


Select a package that meets your needs and budget— you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. We set up QuickBooks and your chart of accounts and secure your documents on the cloud. Your accountant will also get access to your books.

We assess your business and help in integrating and collaborating with your processes. We also help you migrate your data smoothly to our system and make sure you are not losing any data.

Moreover, our team aids in automating accounts payable and receivable to get better cash flow management. We keep you up to date in your records to get on-the-spot results for better decision-making.

The best part? We can customize your workflow with ours to make it easier for both of us.

You get access to reports and tools where you can manage your hours or expenses on your phone or tablet. You will also get a complete set of management reports or financials after we close the books for a certain period.

All financial reports will be customized, including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, accounts payable/receivable aging, and job costing.

We do a multi-function job by reviewing our work and records so you can sit back, relax, and be worry-free.